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Dentists use the term periodontitis to refer to advanced gum disease. This condition may cause issues with your gums and negatively impact your oral health. Fortunately, you can address it directly with our team at Atglen Family Dentistry. Contact us to set up periodontal therapy in Lancaster County.

Facts About Periodontitis

Periodontitis – or gum disease – impacts around 30% of adults worldwide. This condition has several serious effects, including tooth loss. In fact, many people who lose their teeth early end up in that situation due to periodontitis.

Gum disease sometimes advances very quickly. However, early identification of the disease can allow a dental professional to treat periodontal disease. Treatment mitigates the effects of the disease and protects your teeth and gums.

Causes of Gum Disease

Gum disease leads to severe repercussions. It’s easier to avoid this serious dental condition if you understand the causes of the disease.

Generally, gum disease starts with harmful bacteria in your mouth. These organisms naturally live in our mouths, but you can usually keep these bacteria under control if you practice recommended dental hygiene techniques.

The bacteria may generate enough waste products to form plaque on your teeth. Over time, plaque mineralizes and turns into tartar. Tartar encourages increased bacterial growth, generating more toxins and plaque.

Regular dental cleanings can help you avoid tartar build-up and gum disease.

Gum Disease Symptoms

You can reduce the effects of periodontitis by getting help quickly if you notice signs of gum disease. Our team recommends that you get assistance if you develop:

  • Chronic bad breath (also called halitosis)
  • Bleeding from your gums
  • Gum swelling
  • Gum recession

Periodontitis may also cause your teeth to loosen or shift in your mouth. In addition, your gums may turn red or purplish as the disease impacts your gum health. Contact us for periodontal therapy in Lancaster County if you see any of these symptoms.

Let Us Diagnose Periodontal Disease

Do you believe you may have gum disease? You can set up an appointment with our office around Lancaster, PA, to get a professional assessment. Dr. Onyinye C Myers will assess your gum tissue using a periodontal probe during the evaluation.

Dr. Myers looks for signs of pocketing around the gums and assesses the tenderness of your gum tissue. Bleeding from the use of the probe often indicates periodontal disease. We set up a treatment plan for you if we find evidence of gum disease. 

Treatments for Periodontitis

We offer several treatments to handle periodontitis, depending upon the progression of the disease. If you catch the disease early, a few treatments from a professional hygiene team may resolve the issue. 

In more severe cases, we generally recommend scaling and root planing. During this procedure we:

  • Gently numb your gums 
  • Carefully clean out infected pockets of gum tissue 
  • Polish the tooth to generate a smoother surface 

Our team performs a deep clean throughout your mouth if you experience periodontitis. We use hand-cleaning techniques and ultrasonic therapies to remove tartar and plaque. Smoothing out the surface of your teeth makes it harder for plaque and tartar to reform. 

Post-Treatment Options to Handle Gum Disease

You have options to continue supporting your oral health after scaling and root planing. Depending upon the state of your oral health, our team may recommend that you:

  • Rinse with a medicated substance every day 
  • Switch to an ultrasonic toothbrush 
  • Develop a specialized oral care routine 

Even with scaling and root planing, dentists cannot cure gum disease. So, instead, they take steps to bring this disorder under control.

Handle Serious Outcomes of Periodontitis

Untreated gum disease may lead to severe repercussions for your oral health. Eventually, this disease could even cause you to lose some of your teeth. We offer solutions like bridges, dental implants, and dentures in this situation. 

Our female-owned dentistry practice considers your unique situation before offering a solution. We’ll discuss your treatment options with you if you come in with concerns about periodontitis. Allow us to develop a plan to boost your oral health starting today. 

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