Night Guards

Protect Your Teeth with Night Guards in Lancaster County

Night guards prevent damage associated with teeth grinding. Get a personalized guard by calling us at 610-593-2818.

Nighttime teeth grinding can have severe impacts on your oral health. Our team at Atglen Family Dentistry can help you get night guards in Lancaster County. Set up an appointment with us to get professional assistance today.

Facts About Night Guards

Night guards are specially designed pieces of plastic that fit around the teeth in your mouth. Some guards cover both your upper and lower teeth, providing increased protection for you. You wear these guards when sleeping to prevent grinding and clenching.

Types of Night Guards

You have options when it comes to night guards in Lancaster County. Our team can help you review your alternatives, which include:

Standard Night Guards

Many drugstores or sports stores sell one-size-fits-all night guards. Unfortunately, these guards often do not fit your mouth perfectly. In addition, they may feel uncomfortable to wear or even rub at your gums, leading to sore spots in your mouth.

Boil and Bite Night Guards

You may also consider boil and bite night guards. You can customize these guards to an extent. You heat them in hot water and then place them in your mouth, biting down while they’re still warm. This process shapes them to your teeth to some extent.

Personalized Night Guards

Visiting a dentist allows you to get a personalized night guard designed to fit your teeth at night. These unique night guards provide you with the most comfort and protection for your teeth. Contact us to learn more about handling your oral health.

Reasons to Get a Night Guard in Lancaster County

People in Lancaster County decide to get night guards for several reasons. Generally, dentists recommend these appliances if you grind your teeth. Grinding your teeth while you sleep can cause damage to your permanent teeth, eventually wearing them down or leading to cracks.

Our team recommends that you consider a night guard to:

Reduce Damage to Your Teeth

Many people do not recognize the potential danger of grinding their teeth. Rubbing your teeth back and forth wears through the enamel, eventually leading to cracks and even broken teeth. Many people chip or damage their teeth while grinding.

Night guards prevent you from grinding your teeth while you sleep. We can also help you with mouthguards to wear during the day if you catch yourself grinding your teeth while working or driving.

Prevent Discomfort

Grinding your teeth at night does more than damage your enamel. You may experience tooth pain and headaches when you wake up if you spend the night grinding your teeth. Some people also experience jaw pain from nighttime teeth grinding.

You can contact us about relieving any current discomfort or preventing discomfort in the future.

Help with TMJ

Night guards can also help if you experience temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. This disorder causes pain, headaches, and sore jaws. If you allow the condition to go untreated, it can make it difficult for you to open your jaw and chew.

We can discuss all your treatment options if you get a TMJ diagnosis. Please find out more by reaching out to us for professional assistance in Lancaster County.

Steps to Care for Your Night Guard

Taking proper care of your night guard helps ensure that it will last you a long time. Custom-made night guards often last for years if you care for them properly. You can take care of the night guard by:

  • Brushing it regularly with toothpaste
  • Soaking it in a dental solution
  • Carefully drying it after you clean it

Ensure that you store your night guard in a special case to provide it with additional protection. In many cases, store-bought night guards only last a few months before they wear out.

Let Us Design Your Custom Night Guard

Getting a night guard that fits your mouth can help you sleep comfortably and avoid the pain associated with nighttime teeth grinding. Our team can take a mold of your teeth to design a mouthguard that fits you correctly.

As a woman-owned dental office, we also put your comfort as a top priority. We’ll also discuss your other options for handling damage caused by teeth grinding. You may want to consider dental bonding to repair cracks or wear caused by grinding.

Speak to Us About Night Guards in Lancaster County

Are you interested in night guards in Lancaster County? Our team at Atglen Family Dentistry can help you get a personalized guard to prevent grinding and other issues. Reach out to us at 610-593-2818 to discuss your options and get the dental care you deserve. We’ll answer all your questions about TMJ and other oral health issues.