Implant Crowns

Implants and Crowns in Lancaster County

Don’t let damaged teeth cost you a perfect smile. Get implants and crowns from Atglen Family Dentistry of Lancaster County.

If you have cracked or damaged teeth that cannot be fixed with a veneer or dental bonding, dental appliances such as implants and crowns create the appearance of natural teeth and make it easier to chew. Atglen Family Dentistry, a woman-owned dental clinic, has experience installing implants and crowns in Lancaster County, PA. Learn more about the difference between the two so you can decide which one best fits your needs.  

The Difference Between Implants and Crowns

Both implants and crowns have a surface made of a hard material such as porcelain and are shaped to resemble the tooth surface. This material, called the prosthetic or crown, attaches to existing structures in the mouth and fills the gap left by missing, worn, or damaged teeth.

The crown is attached to an existing damaged tooth using dental cement. If the damage is on the biting surface of the tooth, the crown helps the tooth withstand the stresses of biting and can prevent further damage to the tooth.

Dental implants replace teeth that are missing entirely. The implant includes a screw called a fixture that the dental surgeon drills into the jaw. The rest of the implant attaches to the fixture, holding it in place. If a tooth is too badly damaged to support a crown, your dentist may recommend extracting the tooth and installing a dental implant.

Treatments for Missing Teeth

If you’ve decided to fix a damaged tooth but are still deciding between implants and crowns in Lancaster County, PA, talk to the team at Atglen Family Dentistry. One of the reasons many patients are anxious at the dentist’s office is that they don’t know what is coming next. Once you know the procedure, you might not feel so worried.

Before making up your mind, familiarize yourself with the procedure for the different types of replacement teeth and dental prosthetics. You can choose the material your implant will be made of and, depending on the material, select a shade that matches the neighboring teeth and matches your expectations and self-image.


Your dentist will take an impression of the damaged tooth and use that to create the crown. Modern technology makes it possible to create a crown and apply it within a single appointment.

However, many patients get a temporary crown on their first appointment and wait a couple of weeks while a lab creates the permanent crown. The adhesive on the temporary crown is not as strong as the one used for the permanent crown. This is so the dentist can remove it when it comes time to place the permanent one. 

The tooth may be sensitive for a few days as it heals from the crown application. Patients should be careful eating hard foods with a temporary crown, so they don’t accidentally dislodge it.

Dental Implants

Dental implants require a more complex procedure than installing a crown. The dentist will take an impression of the site of the missing tooth, cut through the gum, and drill a hole into the jaw beneath the tooth socket. The dentist screws in an appliance called the fixture. In some cases, the patient needs a bone graft so that the implant can anchor more securely to the jaw.

The gums and jaw will take between four and six months to heal. Afterward, the dentist attaches a prosthetic shaped like the missing tooth, based on the dental impression.

Implant-Supported Dentures

If you need full or partial dentures, you can increase their stability by having implants to anchor the dental plates to the jaw using dental implants. This procedure is more expensive than conventional dentures but less expensive than having individual implants for a full or partial set of missing teeth.

You might be ready for tooth replacement now that you know what you can expect from your dentist if you choose dental implants and crowns. In Lancaster County, the best choice for compassionate and professional dentistry is Atglen Family Dentistry.

Professional Dental Care at Atglen Family Dentistry

At Atglen Family Dentistry, we take the time to understand your needs, worries, and expectations before we start any dental procedure. Your comfort and peace of mind are a priority for every member of our team. We have experience with state-of-the-art medical procedures, which is why so many patients choose us for dental implants and crowns in Lancaster County, PA. To talk with a team member or schedule an appointment, call (610) 593-2818 today.