Dental Bonding

Improve Your Smile with Dental Bonding in Lancaster County

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Our team at Atglen Family Dentistry can help you adjust your smile with cosmetic dentistry procedures. We offer dental bonding in Lancaster County, allowing us to reshape your teeth by applying layers of resin.

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Basic Facts About Dental Bonding

Many dentists in Pennsylvania offer dental bonding (or tooth bonding) services. This procedure is non-invasive and does not involve drilling or removing parts of your tooth. For these reasons, many patients prefer it to the application of dental veneers or crowns. 

Dentists perform dental bonding by adding a composite resin made of plastic and ceramic to your teeth. We apply this resin in layers, giving us a significant degree of control over the finished appearance of your teeth. 

Issues Addressed by Dental Bonding

Our team uses dental bonding to handle many cosmetic dentistry concerns. The tooth-colored resin we use can repair:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Unevenly sized teeth 

You may also consider dental bonding if you have gaps in your teeth. The process also covers up discoloration and spots, allowing you to whiten your smile without relying on chemical whiteners.

Our team can review your specific dental goals with a consultation. We’ll discuss the possible benefits of dental bonding for your smile. We can also help you review additional cosmetic dentistry procedures when you contact us. 

Benefits Associated with Tooth Bonding

Dental bonding in Lancaster County comes with several benefits. 

Dental Bonding Price is Cost-Effective

Many cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as veneers, become very pricy. Tooth bonding provides you with a lower-cost option to change the appearance of your smile. 

Aesthetic Benefits

Dental bonding represents an effective cosmetic procedure. It can cover over stains on your teeth, repair chips, and even reduce gaps between your teeth. Many patients feel more confident smiling after dental bonding. 

Improves the Functionality of Your Teeth

Many patients consider dental bonding as a cosmetic procedure. However, the resin we add to your teeth also provides functional benefits, especially if you have chipped or uneven teeth. Adding the resin can make it easier for you to chew. 

Steps in the Dental Bonding Process

Our team handles each step of tooth bonding. We begin by assessing your needs and setting up an appointment. During the appointment, Dr. Onyinye C. Myers will:

  • Etch your existing tooth to create a bonding surface and apply a conditioning liquid to help the bonding substance stick to the tooth
  • Apply the composite resin in multiple layers 
  • Harden the resin with a curing light

Dr. Myers tests your bite after hardening the resin to ensure that you feel comfortable. After assessing your satisfaction with the application, she’ll polish your tooth. We match the resin to the natural color of your teeth, so the bonding should not be noticeable.

Consider Your Options for Dental Bonding

Some patients in Lancaster County want dental bonding for a single tooth. However, you have the option to set up this procedure for several surrounding teeth. In many cases, we can work on several teeth in a single visit. 

Some patients want to discuss other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Therefore, we offer additional services, including:

  • Tooth whitening
  • Porcelain veneers 
  • Porcelain crowns 

We also handle the Invisalign system if you want to straighten your teeth. In addition, we can remove metal fillings, replacing them with tooth-colored fillings instead. These options allow us to help you get the smile you want in Lancaster County. 

Learn How to Care for Your Teeth After Dental Bonding

Dental bonding helps many patients feel better about their smiles. After the dental bonding process, it’s essential that you care for your teeth. Our team recommends that you continue regular brushing, flossing, and dental appointments. Taking these steps helps keep your bonding in good condition. 

Our woman-owned office provides you with comprehensive assistance throughout the process. We can discuss your cosmetic dentistry options to help you make the best choice for you. We also offer regular dental appointments to clean and care for your oral health.

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